Date: 18/11/2017
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A Parent's Love

There is nothing a loving parent wouldn't do for their child.  Remember as your parents age, that we need to take time to enjoy our moments with them.  Give them extra time to dress before going out to dinner.  Be patient if they forget something important you told them.  

If you ever need that special assistance, if even for one day, do not hesitate to call SEI Healthcare and we will be there to help when you can't.  Our caregivers are located throughout (TN).  Dependable caregiving services are what places our family-owned company ahead of the rest of the caregiving agencies.  We are flexible and will personalize your care plan to meet YOUR needs, not ours. 

Watch the video listed below from YOUTUBE.  It will remind you to not take for granted all the sacrifices your parents have made for you and how you might take small steps in assisting them into the next phase of their lives.

- I Cried After Watching This...